Multimedia Arts

The MultiMedia Program was designed to provide a variety of media and technology lessons to underserved students who would otherwise not have excess to cutting edge technology.  We provide a wide array of Technical lessons.

Laptop Linguistics

This intensive course introduces students to the basic concepts and techniques used in operating a computer. Topics covered include computer navigation; typing and editing documents in Word; transferring data; creating PowerPoint projects, conducting presentations; and basic internet research.

​Video Production Basics

In this course in video production, students learn the basics of how to make a movie. They learn to create multimedia content like public service announcements, short fiction films, documentaries, and educational videos, giving them the skills needed to become the filmmakers, directors, producers, actors and artists of tomorrow.

​Digital Graphics

In this crash course on graphic design, students learn creative ways to manipulate imagery through industry-standard illustration programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of graphic design like color, lighting, use of graphic tools and digital effects. 

Digital Photography

This intensive course introduces students to the basic functions of a digital still camera and teaches them how to capture an aesthetically pleasing picture. Emphasis is focused on teaching each child how to develop their artistic perception of the world, by experimenting in different genres of photography, including: portrait, still life and fine art photography.

Digital Green & Science Environmental Media

Our Earth will not survive tomorrow if we don’t take care of it today. This course teaches children about the environment, while dually introducing them to the practical use of video and still photography as tools of persuasion and activism in the field of environmental advocacy.

​Digital Animation

 Basic fundamentals of character design with a concerted emphasis on concept development, style, posing, attitude and expression models and the development of basic drawing skills are learned. Students learn the fundamentals of sculpting a three-dimensional character from a two-dimensional model, allowing students to experience bringing a character to life through the mechanics of motion.

Video Fitness

Health is at the forefront of child concerns.  Childhood Obesity has become a major issue.  This project helps children become aware of good health education, as well as, making them ambassadors of health by creating various media projects bringing awareness to the public.  Students produce Public Service Announcements (PSA), Music Videos, Fitness and Health videos to promote Health awareness and Fitness.

​Internet Design

Communications is key to the entire world.  Students learn how to create basic Internet Websites and designs.  They learn how the Internet works, and the programs needed to create various types of pages.  Message development, Search Engines, Provides and safe use of the Internet will be stressed.

​ACT for MultiMedia

ACT for Multimedia will be an introduction to on-camera acting.  The course will ground itself in the acronym A.C.T, which stands for Attitude, Commitment, and Teamwork.  It is an opportunity for the students to become more aware of themselves and the power of their image through digital mediums.  Activities included: Introductory acting exercise, Story Telling, Filmed acting exercisAuditions involve their personal introduction (“I am…”), Scripts will be drawn from movies, television, theatre, commercials, etc

Distance Ed / Presentation

Distance learning has become part of almost every educational institution.  Classes online, tele-conferencing, educational content providers all contribute to this new 21st Century learning classroom.  Students can talk to Students in China without leaving their seat in Los Angeles.  NASA astronauts teach to students from Space.  Students will learn how to present on camera, as well as, how to operate the equipment off camera. 

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